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The Rules and Regulations of the Jurassic World Theme Park

We hope that your visit is something that you will cherish for the rest of your life—as long as you don’t get eaten by a dinosaur

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[Types into the browser window search bar]

[Scans the page]

[Clicks away an ad to join the Mosasaurus Membership Program for $39.99 today only]

[Continues to scan the page]

[Sees the FAQ section]

[Clicks it]

[The page opens up]

Guest Relations

Thank you for choosing to book a trip to the Jurassic World™ theme park. We hope that your visit is something you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life. We have gathered together answers to frequently asked questions about the many amenities and experiences available at Jurassic World™ so that you may prepare ahead of time. We can’t wait to see you!

How much is a ticket to Jurassic World™?

A single-day ticket for an adult is $7,500. A single-day ticket for a child between the ages of 3 and 10 is $7,475. Children under 3 are free.

Why does it cost so much to visit Jurassic World™?

There are two reasons. First, running Jurassic World™ is no cheap venture. By our most recent estimates, our annual operating budget is just under $12 billion. (Dinosaurs sure do eat a lot!) And second, these are dinosaurs that you’re getting to see: the most magnificent creatures to ever walk the earth! Come check them out!

Are the dinosaurs real?

Yes. They are living, breathing, actual dinosaurs. We used extremely sophisticated genetic procedures to bring these once-extinct great dinos back to life. They’re incredible! Come see for yourself!

Membership Programs

Most other theme parks have different membership programs that offer various perks. Does Jurassic World™ offer anything like that?

We do! There are several different programs to choose from. There is:

  • The Mosasaurus Program ($49.99/person): You receive a 10 percent discount on all purchases of official Jurassic World™ merchandise inside and outside of the park.
  • The Brachiosaurus Program ($99.99/person): You receive a 15 percent discount on all purchases of official Jurassic World™ merchandise inside and outside of the park, as well as access to our weekly Jurassic World™ newsletter, featuring all the new and exciting upgrades at Jurassic World™ as they happen.
  • The Ankylosaurus Program ($149.99/person): You get the same perks of the Brachiosaurus Program, as well as a photo with a life-size cutout of an ankylosaurus! Watch out for that tail! :)
  • The Tyrannosaurus Rex Program ($249.99/person): You get the same perks as the Ankylosaurus Program, as well as a commemorative Jurassic World™ key chain! (Commemorative key chains are pewter, but you can upgrade to a gold-plated one for an additional $24.99.)
  • The Indominus Rex Program ($499.99/person): You get the same perks as the Tyrannosaurus Rex Program. Also, we will try our best to make sure that you are not eaten by any of the dinosaurs during your visit to the beautiful Jurassic World™ theme park.

Convenience and Safety

What are the hours of operation for Jurassic World™?

Jurassic World™ opens at 8 a.m. and closes at 10 p.m. Make sure to stick around for the fireworks display each night!

Is Jurassic World™ open on holidays?

Yes! Stop by during Christmas time to see our nativity scene remade with dinosaurs. The baby europasaurus that plays dinosaur baby Jesus is adorable!

Are there any general tips you have?

Yes! Follow these tips to ensure your time at Jurassic World™ is as wonderful and great as you’re hoping it will be:

  • Plan your visit ahead of time.
  • You’ll be doing lots of walking at Jurassic World™ so make sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Khaki shorts, a lightweight button-up shirt that you can tuck in, sunglasses, solid white socks, tennis shoes, and a braided leather belt sound pretty good to us!
  • Be sure to apply sunscreen throughout the day. We can keep the dinosaurs* from getting to you but we can’t keep the sun from getting to you. :)
  • Be sure to eat regularly throughout the day. You can satisfy your dino-sized hunger at any of our Jurassic World™ restaurants. (No outside food is allowed in the park.)
  • Make sure that your camera has lots of space available for all of the incredible pictures you’re going to take!

*We actually can’t.

Loose Dinosaurs

I’ve seen that, on occasion, dinosaurs have gotten loose in the park. What should I do if that happens? Are there safety zones anywhere in Jurassic World™?

There are no safety zones. If dinosaurs get loose, then run. If possible, bring someone who you don’t like but also don’t hate with your group to gorgeous Jurassic World™. In the event that a dinosaur escapes its pod (or multiple dinosaurs escape their pods), you will find yourself in a very high-stakes footrace. A good strategy we’ve found is, prior to you running off, you knock down the person you don’t like but also don’t hate. Doing so may give you the extra time that you need to escape, assuming the dinosaur (or dinosaurs) stop to eat the person. (And we suggest it’s someone who you don’t like but also don’t hate because if it’s someone that you flat-out hate then your trip is going to be miserable. And we don’t want that. We want you to have fun!)

Rain Checks

It rained while we were at Jurassic World™ and several of the rides and exhibits had to close because of it. Are rain checks issued?

No. Jurassic World™ is not responsible for inclement weather.

Lost Friends/Family Members

Jurassic World™ is very big. What do I do if I get separated from my group, or if someone in my group gets separated from the rest of the us?

There is no PA system at Jurassic World™ so we are incapable of making lost person announcements in the park. We recommend that you and the members of your party arrange ahead of time what to do if you all end up separated from one another. (Perhaps you can all meet up at one of many fine Jurassic World™ restaurants! Mmmmmm! I can taste those dino burgers now!)

Eaten Friends/Family Members

Someone in my family was eaten by one of the dinosaurs. Can I get a refund for their ticket?

No. There are no refunds issued at Jurassic World™ if one of your friends or family members gets eaten. Sorry for your loss.

Birthday Parties and Corporate Events

Does Jurassic World™ offer the opportunity to host birthday parties or corporate events?

Yes! What fun! Contact one of our representatives at to receive details.


How much is it to park at Jurassic World™?

Parking is free!