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Here’s Cable! ‘Deadpool 2’ Teaser Offers a First Look at the Josh Brolin Villain

And a lot of fourth-wall-breaking jokes, of course

20th Century Fox

After all the Superman spoofs, Bob Ross teasers, and Instagram videos of a scary, yoked Josh Brolin, we finally have a Deadpool 2 trailer that features footage of the villain, Cable.

The teaser starts with uncharacteristically serious and dark overtones as we’re introduced to Cable, a time-traveling mutant and mercenary from the future. “I was born into war, bred into it,” Cable says, as we see glimpses of the post-apocalyptic world he lives in. “But they have no concept of it. What’s the most pain you’ve ever felt?” It looks and sounds — and this is almost certainly on purpose — like a trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, which also stars Josh Brolin as a villain.

But then the trailer remembers that it’s for a Deadpool movie, and Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) interrupts the teaser with those fourth-wall-smashing jokes we’ve grown accustomed to. He goes full Toy Story on us, Woody outfit and all, as he stages an action-figure battle between himself and the film’s new villain.

Action figures fighting in a ‘Deadpool 2’ trailer 20th Century Fox

Mercifully, the actual teaser starts up again to briefly show some of the other new characters from Deadpool 2 — including Zazie Beetz’s Domino — and a few more shots of Cable in action:

A GIF of a shooting match in the ‘Deadpool 2’ trailer 20th Century Fox

Deadpool’s trolly marketing tactics haven’t changed, but, aside from all the silliness, this teaser did manage to deliver a promising first look at Cable. He might not have the same purple (or pink??) skin or alien goatee as Thanos, but he does have a massive metal arm, and that counts for something. Deadpool will return to theaters May 18, by which time I’m sure the fourth wall will be nonexistent.