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The ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Trailer Is Overflowing With Superheroes

Plus: Captain America has a beard, Thanos has a weird alien goatee, and Thor has officially met the Guardians of the Galaxy

Our first glimpse at Avengers: Infinity War — a movie that has the ominous task of giving screen time to nearly every Marvel superhero we’ve met in the past decade while also properly introducing a new supervillain — somehow lives up to the enormous hype. There are so many juicy tidbits from the teaser trailer to drool over.

There’s the new big bad, Thanos (voiced by Josh Brolin), who sorta looks like a sentient purple thumb with an alien goatee and a giant metal glove. (He’s much more intimidating in action, like when he’s pummeling Iron Man to the ground.)

GIF of Thanos walking Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

There’s a bearded Captain America, played by Chris Evans.

GIF of Chris Evans as Captain America Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Which, speaking of, Infinity Wars marks the first time that all three Marvel Chrises appear in the same film, making it ground zero of the ever-changing Chris Wars. On first glance, Chris Evans with a beard > eyepatch Chris Hemsworth and space Chris Pratt.

There’s Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and his tingling spidey senses, which just looks awesome.

Tom Holland looking at the hair on his arm tingling Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

And there’s way more than that. Seriously, everyone is represented here, from Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Hulk, and Bucky Barnes facing off against enemies in Wakanda to Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and Iron Man doing the same in New York, to Thor meeting up with the Guardians of the Galaxy somewhere in space. Joss Whedon basically melted his brain trying to configure all the superheroes for Avengers: Age of Ultron — and it showed in the final result — so let’s hope the Russo brothers were able to bring everyone together for Infinity War seamlessly.

So far, it doesn’t just look like a nonissue, but a riotous success. We’ll know for sure come May 4.