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Why the Red Sox Should Play Mookie Betts, Who Is a Right Fielder, at Second Base

With two or three games in Los Angeles under National League rules looming, Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora has a big decision to make ahead of the World Series. His second-best player, J.D. Martinez, is a designated hitter. How to reshuffle the lineup? He’d be wise to be bold.

The Bat-Flipping, Crotch-Chopping Dodgers Finally Realized They’re Better Than Everyone Else

After a season and a series of fits and starts, the most talented team in the National League played like it, and now they’re going back to the World Series

The Brewers Don’t Have to Be a Superteam to Act Like One Again Next Year

Craig Counsell’s squad shocked the baseball world by making it within one game of a World Series berth. Don’t be surprised if they do what’s necessary to return to this point in 2019.

The Red Sox Have Flipped the Script. Will the Dodgers Meet Them in the Fall Classic?

Plus a postmortem on an ill-fated "Astros in five games" prediction

Jonah Hill, Red Sox Magic, and ‘A Star Is Born’ on For Realsies

Bill Simmons reacts to the Red Sox advancing to the 2018 World Series before sitting down with Jonah Hill to discuss ‘Mid90s’

Not Even the Astros Can Win a World Series Without a Little Luck

Houston looked totally dominant up through Game 1 of the ALCS—and then all of the bounces stopped going its way. The dynasty-in-the-making didn’t reach last year’s heights, but the run is far from over.

David Price Silenced the World Series Champs—and His Playoff Narrative

Boston’s beleaguered big-money arm had never won a postseason start, in 11 tries. His first such victory relied on an extreme approach from the mound and sealed the pennant for the Red Sox.

Is the Astros’ Trade for Justin Verlander the Best Deadline Deal in Baseball History?

Last year, he delivered World Series title to Houston just months after arriving from the Detroit Tigers in a shocking deal that required him to clear waivers. Now, with his team down 3-1, he’s about to take the ball in Game 5 of the ALCS and try to save its season.

Top Talent and Terrible Bullpens Made Astros–Red Sox a Modern Classic

Houston should’ve won Game 4 of the ALCS at least three separate times, but somehow they didn’t, and now Boston has three shots to knock out the defending World Series champs

The Brewers Tried to Fool the Dodgers With a Pitching Trick From a Century Ago  

Milwaukee lost Game 5 to fall behind L.A., 3-2, in the NLCS, but not because of Craig Counsell’s innovative starting-pitching tomfoolery, which worked—kind of

A Cellphone, a Bad Suit, and a Guy Named Kyle: Wow, the Astros Sound Like Terrible Spies

The defending World Series champs have come under fire for attempting to steal signs or some other form of information from the Boston Red Sox. The organization employs literal rocket scientists, but its efforts at espionage fit into baseball’s larger history of low-rent attempts to gain an edge.

The Brewers Have October’s Two Least Likely Heroes

How recent afterthoughts Wade Miley and Jhoulys Chacín became surprising postseason MVPs

The Dodgers Won an Epic to Tie the NLCS

Game 4 took more than five hours and about 500 plot twists to complete, but L.A. secured the victory thanks to a clutch single and some questionable managing from Milwaukee

The Assassination of Joy, Weirdness, and Marlins Victories by the Coward Derek Jeter

The Miami owner has finally achieved his greatest, cruelest dream: getting rid of the Marlins’ bonkers home run sculpture

Revisiting the Grady Little Game, 15 Years Later

The then–Red Sox manager’s slow hook in Game 7 of the ALCS seems like an artifact from an earlier era. Just how much has pitcher usage changed since 2003?

Playoff Kershaw Is Snakebitten Again

Plus: The Red Sox are still alive in the AL

Brewers-Dodgers Is a Fascinating Tactical Battle That Both Sides Are Losing

Milwaukee has been able to employ all of its high-powered relievers in high-leverage situations. And Los Angeles has found a way to get at-bats for its cadre of above-average position players. The series is tied, but not because either strategy has been successful.

Mookie Betts Finally Played Like the MVP Front-runner in Game 2

The All-Star outfielder brushed off his quiet opener to help send the series to Houston tied at a game apiece

It’s Always Clayton Kershaw’s Fault

The postseason struggles of the Dodgers superstar are approaching biblical proportions. The latest unbelievable ignominy: giving up a home run to a left-handed relief pitcher.

The Brewers Bullpen Is Trying to Break Baseball

Against the Colorado Rockies in the NLDS, Milwaukee’s pitching staff was as good as any pitching staff has ever been. Can Milwaukee’s deep bullpen outlast the Los Angeles Dodgers and their even deeper offense?

Clayton Kershaw’s Playoff ‘Groundhog Day’

The Dodgers ace is coming off the best postseason start of his career, but he enters the NLCS facing the same question he has for years: Can the best pitcher of his generation deliver when it matters most?

Is the World Series Headed for a Rematch? Previewing the Championship Series 

Predicting story lines and key players for the AL and NL Championship Series

Where Are All the Women in Play-by-Play Broadcasting?

Two weeks ago, Andrea Kremer and Hannah Storm became the first all-female broadcast team to call an NFL game. It was a boundary-breaking moment, but also served as a reminder that few women ever get the chance to be the voice of a game.

The Biggest Problem With Bullpenning

Baseball’s latest postseason trend may be effective sabermetric strategy, but it’s robbing the sport of one of its starring narratives: the starting pitcher protagonist

Red Sox–Yankees ALDS Recap With Bill Simmons and JackO

The Ringer CEO gleefully calls up his buddy, a Yankees fan

Coming Up Aces: Alex Cora’s Bold Moves Pay Off Against the Yankees

The first-year Boston manager wasn’t afraid to use starters in high-leverage relief situations or make dramatic lineup changes in the team’s series against New York. Will his aggressive approach work when he meets his old team this weekend?

Bad Bats, Boone’s Blunders, and Boston’s Bullpen Combined to Kill the Yankees

Despite a tense ninth inning, the Yankees couldn’t overcome the Red Sox, who are headed to the ALCS

The Red Sox vs. Yankees Power Shift, Plus Can the Dodgers Be the Brewers’ Kryptonite?

Discussing Aaron Boone’s blunders and National League performance gaps

Meet Baseball’s Next Supervillain

There’s been plenty of hand-wringing about MLB’s lack of charismatic superstars, but Houston’s Alex Bregman is using the 2018 playoffs to make his heel turn

Yankee Stadium’s Boos Were for Aaron Boone on Monday Night

Boston crushed New York in Game 3 and likely would have won anyway—but the Yankees’ rookie manager didn’t have to make it so easy for the Red Sox to succeed

A Boston–New York Baseball Holy War

With the Kid Mero, JackO, and Bill’s dad

The Puny Red Sox Have No Chance in the ALDS Against the Big, Beefy Yankees

Forget that baseball is about more than size. Look how far Aaron Judge can hit the ball!