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The Ringer Staff’s 2018 March Madness Brackets

Presenting our 100 percent accurate tournament predictions

An empty March Madness bracket with a basketball and a red Ringer logo in the middle Ringer illustration

The 2018 NCAA tournament has arrived, so amid all the talk of Cinderellas and rising stars to watch and Tony Bennett, Ringer staffers have taken it upon themselves to present the world with their extremely official March Madness predictions. The brackets below were created with levels of expertise that range from high to did not watch a single college basketball game all season.

Behold these 100 percent accurate picks. This is March.

Mark Titus

Kevin O’Connor

Jonathan Tjarks

Danny Chau

Juliet Litman

Chris Ryan

Paolo Uggetti

Justin Verrier

Kyle Crichton

Alex Lee

Cory McConnell

Keith Fujimoto

Michael Baumann

Megan Schuster

Mose Bergman

Kevin Clark

Andrew Gruttadaro

Rubie Edmondson

Danny Heifetz

Justin Sayles

Rodger Sherman

Dylan Berkey

Ben Glicksman

Jim Cunningham

Kate Halliwell

Tommy Alter

Ryan O’Hanlon

Shaker Samman

Richie Bozek

Riley McAtee

Virali Dave

T.C. Kane

Khalil Smith

Sean Yoo

Zach Schwartz