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NBA Trade Deadline Previews for N.Y., Philly, Chicago, and Boston

The crew breaks down Julius Randle’s recovery, Joel Embiid’s injury, what’s next for the Bulls, and why the Celtics should be content with their roster

JJ breaks down what the Knicks should do at the trade deadline, how their nine-game winning streak came to a close, and the latest on Julius Randle’s recovery. Sheil then discusses Joel Embiid’s injury, Jalen Hurts’s future, and DeVonta Smith’s contract. Jason touches on Zach LaVine’s injury and what’s next for the Bulls at the trade deadline. Plus, Brian talks about why the Celtics should be content with their roster as the second half of the season approaches.

Hosts: John Jastremski, Sheil Kapadia, Jason Goff, and Brian Barrett
Producers: Stefan Anderson, Steve Ceruti, Cliff Augustin, Jamie McClellan, Kyle Williams, and Tucker Tashjian

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