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‘Real Housewives of Miami’ Reunion Part 3, the ‘Vanderpump’ Midseason Trailer, and ‘Summer House’ Season 7, Episode 6

Chelsea and Zack break down the Lenny and Lisa drama


Chelsea Stark-Jones and Zack Peter start today’s episode by recapping the last Real Housewives of Miami reunion episode (02:36). They both break down the Lenny and Lisa drama (03:27) and dive into the Adriana-Alexia-Marysol breakup (10:26). Then, Jodi Walker joins to talk Vanderpump Rules, reactions to the post-Scandoval midseason trailer, and the mishaps with the upcoming wedding (25:08). Then, Chelsea and Jodi give their takes on a better episode of Summer House (57:39).

Hosts: Chelsea Stark-Jones, Zack Peter, and Jodi Walker
Producer: Devon Renaldo
Additional Production: Ashleigh Smith
Theme Song: Devon Renaldo

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