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“What’d We Win With Ya?”

Jason opens with some NBA in-season tournament talk before talking Bears with former player Alex Brown and discussing the latest in the Zach LaVine saga with Jovan Buha

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

The Full Go returns with some NBA in-season tournament talk! How about Tyrese Haliburton? Jason talks about the semifinal games and the significance of them for LeBron James (1:20). Following that, Jason welcomes former Chicago Bears player Alex Brown to the podcast. The two chat about DJ Moore’s comments about Justin Fields being a dynamic football player. After that, the two talk through whether they would want Caleb Williams with a new regime or Fields with the current regime. They also discuss what Bears fans should look for from Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson on Sunday (10:19). Jason then welcomes Jovan Buha to the podcast to discuss the latest in the Zach LaVine saga. Jovan gives Jason the information from the Lakers’ side of things. Who would the Lakers want on the Bulls roster? How interested are they in Zach LaVine? Jovan gives us the breakdown (36:46). To wrap, Jason sieves through LaVine’s noncommittal comments about being a Chicago Bulls player. He speaks about what he’s looking forward to seeing from the Bulls without LaVine (49:02).

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Host: Jason Goff
Guests: Alex Brown and Jovan Buha
Producers: Steve Ceruti, Tony Gill, Chris Sutton, and Kyle Williams

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