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The ‘Slow News Day’ Launch-a-Palooza With Mina Kimes, Bryce Young, Desmond Howard, and Andrew Whitworth

Welcome to ‘Slow News Day,’ a new video podcast from Kevin Clark and The Ringer

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Welcome to Slow News Day with Kevin Clark, a new video podcast! On this first launch-a-palooza episode, Kevin talks to ESPN analyst Mina Kimes about preseason Super Bowl picks, expectations for her maligned Seahawks, and Mitch Trubisky’s unfortunate “Let’s Ride” reading (1:53). Heisman winner and Alabama QB Bryce Young also stops by to talk about studying Aaron Rodgers, lessons from Alabama’s national championship loss, and his thoughts on the NIL (24:32). Later, Desmond Howard runs through his College Football Playoff predictions, expectations for Michigan, and what he would do to improve the NCAA (34:50). And finally, Andrew Whitworth talks takeaways from the start of his broadcasting career, the new and improved Cincinnati Bengals, and first-hand accounts of what makes Sean McVay special (47:30).

Host: Kevin Clark
Guests: Mina Kimes, Bryce Young, Desmond Howard, and Andrew Whitworth
Producers: Richie Bozek and Cory McConnell
Additional Production Supervision: Conor Nevins

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