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Next Move for Roman Reigns and Johnny Gargano Returns

Plus: Reacting to the first episode of ‘House of the Dragon’, and should Rosenberg open a cream cheese line?

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Rosenberg, SGG, and Dip are back together to discuss all the things that are going on in the world of professional wrestling, covering topics like:

  • AEW’s storytelling approach with Hangman Page and CM Punk (10:35)
  • The return of Johnny Gargano to Monday Night Raw and how we should feel about it (23:30)
  • The next challenger for Roman Reigns (35:55)

Plus House of the Dragon reactions (5:35), and Rosenberg thinks he needs to release a branded food item so he can make more money (52:25).

Hosts: Peter Rosenberg, Stat Guy Greg, Dip
Producer: Troy Farkas

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