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Revisiting Johnny Bananas’s Seventh ‘Challenge’ Win With Bill Simmons

Bill and Johnny discuss Johnny’s win from ‘Total Madness’ and how ‘The Challenge’ can be saved


This week we’re revisiting Johnny’s July 2020 interview with Bill Simmons on The Bill Simmons Podcast about his seventh Challenge win on Total Madness, which broke his six-season finals drought and the curse that Jemmye put on him after he stole Sarah’s half of their winnings on Rivals 3. Nearly two years later, their conversation about how to save The Challenge is as relevant as ever.

You can also listen to Johnny discussing his iconic moment from the Rivals 3 finale with Bill Simmons on The Bill Simmons Podcast.

Hosts: Bill Simmons and Johnny Bananas
Producers: Craig Horlbeck and Sasha Ashall

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