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Seven Lingering Questions Following the NBA Draft With Logan Murdock

KOC and Logan reflect on the draft and look ahead to the start of free agency

Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Hey, it’s Kevin! Thank you for listening to The Void. Today, The Ringer’s Logan Murdock is joining the show to discuss some of our takeaways from the draft and then look ahead to the NBA offseason, which will be ramping up next week. For a full draft analysis, check out my grades in my Draft Guide (link below) or listen to Thursday’s Bill Simmons Podcast. Here are today’s timestamps:

(03:35) – Did the Knicks make all those trades just for Jalen Brunson?
(08:15) – What are the Spurs up to?
(13:35) – Deandre Ayton’s future
(22:18) – The best spots for John Collins
(26:47) – What to do with D’Angelo Russell
(32:41) – Should the Bulls go all-in on Rudy Gobert?
(38:37) – On Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving

KOC’s 2022 NBA Draft Grades: The Ringer’s 2022 NBA Draft Grades

Host: Kevin O’Connor
Guest: Logan Murdock
Producer: Jessie Lopez

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