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Jordan Wiseley and Johnny Bananas on Their Humanitarian Efforts in Ukraine

Johnny discusses his travels in Poland and Ukraine

Kharkiv, Ukraine’s Second City, Endures Weeks Of Russian Bombardment Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Johnny recounts his experiences traveling through Poland and the Ukraine and the humanitarian work he did there in collaboration with the organization Humanosh. He speaks with the people who reached out to him to come over and help and talks with Jen Rubio and Scott Mitchell about how they got involved and what they’ve seen of the crisis at the border. He also speaks with Polish doctor Kate Pikulska, who has worked on several humanitarian efforts with Humanosh, in Lviv. Then he welcomes Jordan Wiseley to the podcast to talk about how his impulsive trip to Poland to help out turned into becoming a UN-recognized humanitarian by the organization Foreign United Peoples NGO.

Here’s where you can donate to Humanosh to help them deliver life-saving shelter and supplies to refugees.

Here’s where you can donate to Jordan Wiseley’s NGO to deliver supplies to Ukraine and transport refugees to Poland.

Host: Johnny Bananas
Guests, Jordan Wiseley, Jen, Scott, Kate Pikulska
Producer: Sasha Ashall
Additional Production: Juliet Litman and Chelsea Stark-Jones

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