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The End of the Mack, MLB Is Close to Becoming Like Boxing, and Loving the Nets Blowout

Plus, a brief discussion about ‘Bel-Air,’ the ‘Fresh Prince’ spin-off

Cincinnati Bengals v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The Khalil Mack era is officially over in Chicago, as Jason starts the show reacting to the trade. He says why he believes Mack will do just fine with the Chargers and shares his favorite memories from Mack’s short stint with the Bears (01:25). After briefly talking about the Fresh Prince spin-off, Bel-Air, Jason discusses the return of MLB and why despite the new CBA, big issues still loom (14:10). While watching the Nets-76ers game, Jason shares his enthusiasm for Brooklyn’s blowout win (32:58).

Host: Jason Goff
Producers: Steve Ceruti, Chris Tannehill, and Jessie Lopez

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