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‘PE’ Greatest Hits: Derek and Ryen Debate the Most Impressive Sports Statistic of All Time

Derek looks back on his conversation with Ryen Russillo about the most impressive sports statistic of all time

Joe DiMaggio Making “Zeros” With Fingers

This has been an amazing year for the show, and I’m so grateful for everybody who has listened. I’m off the last two weeks, but I wanted to keep something in your feed over the holidays, so this week I’m re-boosting one of our most popular episodes of the year. Maybe you listened and want to listen again. Maybe you missed this one and want to check it out. Or you’re looking at this feed for the first time and trying to figure out if this is your kind of show. I think these episodes offer a great snapshot of what we try to do here on Plain English: range widely across topics; synthesize complicated ideas; frame breaking news and big ideas in ways that you’ll remember when the show is over. And do it all relatively quickly. No BS. No filler. An espresso shot of news analysis.

In today’s episode, I talk with The Ringer’s Ryen Russillo about the most impressive sports statistic of all time. This is of course wildly subjective. And that’s the fun of it. Happy holidays, and if you feel like giving this show a small gift, head to Spotify or Apple Podcasts and leave a five-star rating and review. It goes a long way. See you in the new year!

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Host: Derek Thompson
Guest: Ryen Russillo
Producer: Devon Manze

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