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NFL Playoff Picks, 2021 NBA Rookies, and the Logan Paul Pokemon Controversy

Mike and Jesse discuss what the Logan Paul Pokemon card controversy means for the hobby

Utah Jazz v Detroit Pistons Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Mike and Jesse run through the NFL playoff matchups and share their picks for the games as well as some cards to look out for value-wise (4:36). They then run through the 2021 NBA rookie class and compare their card values to some members of the 2020 class before running through some other NBA news (22:33). They then touch on some new releases and head into mailbag questions (1:00:18). After the mailbag, they react live to the Logan Paul video about his fake Pokemon cards and break down what it means for the hobby (1:13:43).

Hosts: Mike Gioseffi, Jesse Gibson
Producer: Ronak Nair

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