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‘The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies’ Episode 5 With Kyle Christie

Kyle and Bananas break down the elimination, the Big Brother alliance, and more drama from the latest episode


Icon of The Challenge, and Geordie Shore and Spies, Lies, and Allies cast member Kyle Christie joins Bananas this week to discuss Episode 5. Bananas asks Kyle what it was like being a vet in the first few weeks when they were picking rookies off like flies and they discuss what strategies the rookies should’ve used against the vets (13:10). They get into last week’s explosive elimination and the new fracture in the Big Brother alliance (22:00) and what it’s actually like to be around Emmanuel, Gabo, and Hughie (26:00). Then they talk about CT and Berna winning the daily challenge and not having to pay the consequences of properly nominating anyone because of the strange phenomenon of rookies nominating themselves to go into elimination (37:25). Finally, they talk about the grueling elimination challenge between Gabo and Logan (54:55).

Host: Johnny Bananas
Guest: Kyle Christie
Associate Producer: Sasha Ashall
Additional Production: Juliet Litman and Lani Renaldo

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