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WTF Is ‘Dear Evan Hansen’? Plus: Plagiarism in the Age of Forgetting.

Charles, Grace, and Lani answer the question the world has been asking: Can Ben Platt play a convincing teenager? Then Charles is joined by Nate Rogers to talk about issues musicians face in an extra-litigious world.

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Charles Holmes, Grace Spelman, and producer Lani Renaldo are back after sitting through the film adaptation of the Tony-winning musical Dear Evan Hansen (0:00). They break down the ridiculous plot (9:00) and discuss whether actor Ben Platt is a convincing teenager (22:00). Then, Charles is joined by writer Nate Rogers to talk about the issues musicians face in an extra-litigious, post–”Blurred Lines” world, where they can face lawsuits for accidental plagiarism or a number of other things (31:30).

Producer: Justin Sayles
Associate Producer: Lani Renaldo

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