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‘Love Island U.K.,’ ‘Real Housewives,’ ‘FBoy Island,’ ‘Siesta Key,’ and ‘Big Brother’

Callie sells Juliet on her favorite reality show, ‘Love Island U.K.,’ and Juliet convinces Callie to binge ‘FBoy Island’ on HBO Max


  1. Callie sells Juliet on her favorite reality show, Love Island U.K., and explains the difference between the U.K. and U.S. versions of the series (0:45).
  2. Callie and Juliet discuss the success of the Real Housewives of Potomac, the abject failure of New York, and the dramas of Beverly Hills (16:00).
  3. Juliet convinces Callie to binge FBoy Island on HBO Max this weekend (35:35).
  4. Callie explains the ins and outs of the Florida lifestyle as seen on Siesta Key (45:00).
  5. Callie discusses her second-favorite reality show, Big Brother, which is now on Season 23 in the U.S. (54:50).

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Hosts: Juliet Litman and Callie Curry
Associate Producer: Sasha Ashall

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