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How Lil’ Kim’s ‘Hard Core’ Changed Rap

Jinx and Shea reflect on Kim’s debut album, which shifted the paradigm in a male-dominated industry. They debate the best songs and lyrics, and highlight her impact on today’s women in hip-hop

Chanel Soho Opening Photo by Arnaldo Magnani/Liaison

On this week’s episode, Jinx and Shea look back at Lil’ Kim’s debut album, Hard Core, a master class in reclaiming the sexuality of women from the grasps of a male-dominated industry.

Jinx and Shea dive into Kim’s flows and lyrics in the Best Song and Best Line categories. They also discuss what she keeps under her pillow during Hard as Fuck, and debate who had the best guest verse. Plus, with the help of producer Deena, the guys highlight Lil’ Kim’s impact on today’s women in hip-hop. As always, stay tuned to hear who made the best case in Deena’s Court, winning the ultimate prize of selecting the episode’s outro song.

Hosts: Brandon “Jinx” Jenkins and Shea Serrano
Producer: Deena Morrison
Production Assistant: Jonathan Kermah
Additional Production Support: Tunde St. Mathew-Daniel

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