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The Story Behind the Beach Bum Who Struck Gold on GameStop

In a special episode of ‘Gamblers,’ we dive into the tale of Mike McCaskill, an amateur stock trader from Louisville who spent years swinging for the fences—and beat Wall Street in the GameStop saga for the ages

On February 16, The Ringer published a story titled “The Beach Bum Who Beat Wall Street and Made Millions on GameStop,” in which author Dave Hill explained how a beach bum from Louisville, Kentucky, made millions by helping spark the mother of all short squeezes. Now, hear how it all went down. Mike McCaskill tells Hill how he found the trade of a lifetime—and how his years of betting on long shots led to that.

The GameStop stock saga is often framed as being about Reddit. McCaskill’s experience shows that’s not entirely the case. It’s also a tale about how Wall Street went wrong, and how those who picked up on it were able to find a rare and remarkable opportunity to cash in.

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