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‘Music Exists’: Episodes 1–3

Chuck Klosterman and Chris Ryan parse the role music plays in their lives and the world around them 

Welcome to Music Exists, a new podcast from The Ringer, available exclusively on Spotify. Music Exists is spread out over a 15-episode season, in which best-selling author Chuck Klosterman and The Ringer’s Chris Ryan attempt to answer some pretty unanswerable questions about music. Each episode zigs and zags and covers a lot of territory—from Boston basement punk rock shows, ’80s hair-metal gigs in North Dakota, Billie Eilish’s relationship to the music of Van Halen, regional hip-hop sounds, and everything in between. But it is essentially one long conversation, in which two friends and long-time cultural critics try to parse the role music has played in their lives and the world around them. Listen to the first three episodes now. Subsequent episodes will be released weekly.

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