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Taylorgate and Karaoke Rules

Charles and Grace are joined by producer Lani Renaldo and culture writer Rob Harvilla to chat “pop star exhaustion.” Plus: Grace on proper karaoke etiquette.

55th Academy Of Country Music Awards - Show Photo by ACMA2020/Getty Images for ACM

This week in the chaotic world of music, Charles discusses why The Ringer Music Show didn’t tackle Taylor Swift’s new album Evermore in last week’s episode, with help from cohost Grace Spelman and producer Lani Renaldo (0:00). Then, Ringer culture writer Rob Harvilla joins to explain “pop star exhaustion” and how Taylor Swift has oversaturated the music industry the past few years (15:00). Later, Grace breaks down the critical rules, best songs, and proper etiquette to ensure the best karaoke experience (28:00).

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