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MLB Divisional Series Check-in: The Marlins-Acuña Beef, Yankees Pitching Shenanigans, Astros Villainy, and the Dodgers’ Dominant Depth

Michael, Ben, and Zach give an in-depth recap of the big story lines surrounding the MLB postseason

Wild Card Round - New York Yankees v Cleveland Indians - Game Two Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

After a hectic wild-card week, we’ve settled in nicely to the rhythm of the divisional series. This week on the show, we bounce around to each series and give an in-depth recap of the big story lines. What looks real and what will peter out if the series drag on to five games? Are the Marlins beaning Acuña on purpose? Did Aaron Boone botch Game 2? Are the Astros doing a bit or have they actually convinced themselves they’re the protagonists of this playoffs?

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