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Introducing ‘Break Stuff: The Story of Woodstock ’99’

A concert that claimed to be all about good music and good vibes ended with fires, riots, and assault. What went wrong?

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In 1999, a music festival in upstate New York became a social experiment. There were riots, looting, and numerous assaults, all set to a soundtrack of the era’s most aggressive rock bands. Incredibly, this was the third iteration of Woodstock, a festival originally known for peace, love, and hippie idealism. But Woodstock ’99 revealed some hard truths behind the myths of the 1960s and the danger that nostalgia can engender.

As the 20th anniversary of Woodstock ’99 approaches, Break Stuff returns to the festival grounds. Over eight weeks beginning July 9, Steven Hyden will investigate what went wrong at Woodstock ’99—the original Fyre Festival. Through interviews with promoters, attendees, journalists, and musicians, he’ll explore how a festival meant to honor the original Woodstock’s peace-loving legacy went so terribly awry.

Break Stuff is available exclusively on Luminary. Listen to the trailer here and subscribe before the first episode premieres on July 9.