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Introducing ‘The Rewatchables 1999’: ‘American Pie’

For the first 1999-themed ‘Rewatchables,’ Bill, Sean, and Chris discuss how ‘American Pie’ holds up 20 years later

Universal Pictures/Ringer illustration

2019 blockbuster season is upon us, and The Rewatchables is heading 20 years into the past to examine the biggest hits of 1999. In association with Luminary Media, The Rewatchables will examine 15 classics from one of the best movie years in history. First up, Bill Simmons, Chris Ryan, and Sean Fennessey are taking a look back at the ultimate ’90s teen movie: American Pie.

From examining the circumstances surrounding the movie’s creation (pre-Y2K! No internet!) to comparing it to today’s biggest generational comedies (Superbad!) and debating how it aged (spoiler: not well), the first episode of The Rewatchables 1999 tackles one of the biggest teen sex comedies of all time.