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Hand, Foot, and Mets Disease

Ringer staffers talk trouble in Queens: What are the Wilpons doing wrong? When will the Mets ever be competitive again?

Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The Mets are having an exciting couple of weeks, so this week’s show is a Metstravaganza. Ringer staff writer Michael Baumann brings on Zach Kram to talk about the recent Jeurys Familia trade and the potential Jacob deGrom trade (02:00). Editor-in-chief Sean Fennessey explains what the Wilpon ownership group is doing wrong, and what it’s like to root for a team that can’t get out of its own way (19:30). Finally, Ben Lindbergh speculates on where the franchise might head from here, and when the Mets might be competitive again (42:30).

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