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Kyrie Irving on Conspiracy Theories, Tightening His Handle, and Going to the Celtics

Plus: J.J. and Kyrie discuss their Duke connection and the greatness of Brad Stevens

J.J. Redick and Kyrie Irving shake hands on the court Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

J.J. Redick sits down with Boston Celtics superstar Kyrie Irving to discuss conspiracy theories (1:45), traveling in London (11:45), the connection the two share as Duke alums (14:05), and how Kyrie developed his dribbling skills (19:20). Then, they talk about mental preparations before a game (32:35), the details of Kyrie’s move to Boston (35:25), seeking out new challenges (41:40), and the unique greatness of Celtics head coach Brad Stevens (45:30).

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