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How MLB's High Home Run Rate Complicates Scouting and Team-Building

With another league single-season home run record set, FanGraphs writer Travis Sawchik joins to discuss the effect of the home run on baseball's future

New York Mets v Miami Marlins Photo by Joe Skipper/Getty Images

The Ringer's Ben Lindbergh and Michael Baumann begin by recounting the best listener-submitted nicknames for their guest on the previous episode, Blue Jays hit-by-pitch machine Nick Sinay (01:30). Then, with most of the pennant races decided, Ben and Michael list some of the best reasons to pay attention to the rest of regular-season baseball, from the few remaining playoff races to team records to individual accomplishments (04:00). Lastly, they bring on FanGraphs writer Travis Sawchik to discuss whether home runs will keep coming at record rates (30:30), and how the current high-home run environment complicates scouting and team-building (41:00).

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