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Is Daenerys Becoming Her Father, the Mad King?

The ‘Talk the Thrones’ team and T-Pain discuss the Mother of Dragons’ love of burning people alive


In “Eastwatch,” Game of Thrones raced to tie up many of its loose ends, rushing Jaime away from his encounter with Drogon, revealing Jon’s legitimacy, and rounding up a crew with the goal of taking a wight prisoner and hauling it to King’s Landing in the hopes of brokering an armistice between Daenerys and Cersei.

With the show speeding toward its primary conflict, there seemed to be little room for the less pleasant members of House Tarly, who were both taken prisoner after the loot train battle.

After refusing to bend the knee to Daenerys, Randyll and Dickon were incinerated by Drogon in front of the cowering remainder of the Lannister army. Despite her Hand’s objections to the violent killing of prisoners of war from a prominent house, the Mother of Dragons insisted on burning her defiant enemies, just as she had numerous times in Essos. This, of course, runs parallel to her father’s infamous last words during Robert’s Rebellion: “Burn them all.”

There is a saying in Westeros that every time a Targaryen is born, the gods flip a coin to decide their sanity or lack thereof. To this point, Daenerys has seemed to be one of the level-headed Targaryens, especially in comparison to her father and older brother, Viserys. But is she now showing that she is crueler than imagined? On this week’s episode of Talk the Thrones, the team talked with special guest T-Pain about Dany’s recent display of madness.

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