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Developing the Stacked White Sox System, and Girls Resisting Softball

White Sox player development director Chris Getz talks about Chicago’s farm system

Chicago White Sox v Kansas City Royals Getty Images

On their centenary episode, Ben Lindbergh and Michael Baumann banter about Bryce Harper's bone bruise and the AL wild-card logjam (03:30), then talk to former big leaguer and current White Sox player development director Chris Getz about how he and the rest of the White Sox front office plan to turn baseball's best farm system into a winning major league team (11:30), how the organization decides when to promote players to the bigs (21:00), and what highly touted rookie Yoan Moncada still has to work on (38:30). Then they bring on Liz Roscher of Yahoo Sports to talk about the latest Baseball For All tournament (42:30), why more and more girls are resisting being forced to switch from baseball to softball (46:00), the continuing relevance of A League of Their Own (48:45), and what the future holds for girls and women in baseball (54:00).