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Should Jon Snow Head South?

The King in the North needs allies, but history says his pursuit won’t end well


Rulers in the North traditionally haven’t fared well south of Winterfell. Ned Stark was beheaded during his time in King’s Landing. When Robb Stark moved southward for battle, he suffered a similar fate. Ned’s father, Rickard, and his older brother, Brandon, were killed by the Mad King when they went to King’s Landing during the events of Robert’s Rebellion.

In "Stormborn," Jon Snow received an invitation to head south to Dragonstone and bend the knee to Daenerys Targaryen. He announced to his followers that he intended to accept the invitation and meet with, but not necessarily kneel to, the dragon queen. But he was immediately met with disagreement. Others at the meeting argued that the invitation could be a trap, an easy way for Daenerys to rid herself of other challengers for the Iron Throne.

"None of you have seen the army of the dead," Jon said. "We can never hope to defeat them alone. We need allies. Powerful allies. I know it’s a risk, but I have to take it." He then announced that he was entrusting rule of the North to Sansa Stark until he returned.

So, is Jon making a move that could save the realm from the White Walkers? Or is he assuring his own second death? On the last episode of Talk the Thrones, our experts discussed Jon’s situation.

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