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Is Derrick Rose Kyrie Insurance or His Replacement?

The former MVP is joining the Cavs at a precarious time for the team

(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

From one superteam to another superteam. (Well, a superteam for now.)

Derrick Rose will be a Cleveland Cavalier, per Shams Charania of The Vertical, after the two sides agreed to a deal following a meeting Monday. Imagine saying that phrase just three years ago. According to Chris Haynes of ESPN, the deal is worth $2.1 million (a very important decimal) for one season.

Last week, the possibility of Rose signing with the Cavs was reported, as he suddenly (and strangely) became the only coveted point guard left on the market. He had meetings with both the Cavs and the Lakers. Our own Kevin O’Connor analyzed Rose’s awkward fit on the Cavs’ roster on Thursday, and how even if Rose wouldn’t necessarily improve the Cavs’ chances of reaching their ultimate goal, the choices to shore up the position of need were scarce.

Today, the deal has a slightly different connotation. The Cavs recently hired Koby Altman as their new GM, and a report surfaced last Friday that Kyrie Irving demanded a trade in a recent meeting with Dan Gilbert and the front office. The shocking revelation, combined with the uncertainty of LeBron’s future plans, spells imminent trouble (if you can believe that) for a team that just appeared in its third consecutive NBA Finals.

If Cleveland decides to deal Irving before the season, Rose could wind up being essential. The team’s point guard depth would be nonexistent without Irving (depending on who they get back in the hypothetical deal). Deron Williams is not a palatable option, and we have yet to see anything on the court that proves that Kay Felder can be an NBA point guard. Signing Rose is a move of sheer necessity, now perhaps more than ever.

And who knows? Playing with LeBron on the floor, in a contract year, Rose might have a bounce back season with the Cavs. He’s only 28. reported shortly after news of the deal broke that Rose has spoken with LeBron, and they talked about how the Cavs would "return to the Finals without Kyrie Irving." I’d say that’s highly optimistic. Rose’s injury report and stat sheet these last few seasons are not encouraging.

The reality is that amid turmoil in Cleveland, signing Rose is nothing more than placing an ill-fitting Band-Aid on a wound that LeBron has slowly begun to open, and one that Kyrie just poured salt on.

Get the Cavs some Neosporin.