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A New ‘Game of Thrones’ Comic-Con Trailer Teases Episodes 2 and 3

Including a Missandei and Grey Worm scene!


A new trailer for Game of Thrones Season 7 that aired at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday was leaked onto the internet. It’s being taken down due to the usual copyright claims, but if you’re quick you may still be able to find a video.

In any scenario, we watched it, and it’s the internet, so there are screenshots. For Missandei–Grey Worm shippers, there’s only one main takeaway: Grey Worm and Missandei are going to get it on. I don’t know when, and I certainly don’t know how, but this screenshot is telling.

Unless this scene is one masterfully-placed red herring, Missandei, not Sam Tarly, will discover the answer to Thronesgreatest secret: Do they take the pillar and the stones?

The trailer does show other (less important) things, like a massive Lannister army.

Along with a potential Dany-Jon alliance, we’re also teased with the return of the Red Woman. Melisandre (my choice to win the season) meets with Dany to explain that the Lord of Light is the best ally of them all.

Dany takes her place on the throne of Dragonstone (Dragonthrone?) and plots her invasion as she stares toward the Westerosi mainland.

In the video, both Cersei and Jon call for unity. Cersei gets her army, while Jon just gets whining from the noble houses of the Vale. Common sense is only restored because, as Ser Davos puts it, "If we don’t band together, we will die."

"Everyone is your enemy. Everyone is your friend," Littlefinger says in his 27th different accent of the series. "Every possible series of events is happening all at once." Littlefinger’s words sound wise, but only one scenario can actually play out. And while trailers are a nice tease, we won’t know what that is until Sunday night. (Except for Missandei and Grey Worm. Take that to the Iron Bank.)

Disclosure: HBO is an initial investor in The Ringer.