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The Ringer’s Definitive ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode Rankings

We are prepared to argue

(HBO/Ringer illustration)
(HBO/Ringer illustration)

Welcome, lords, knights, ladies, and wights, to The Ringer’s definitive Game of Thrones episode ranking. From "Hardhome" and "Blackwater" to "The Night Lands" and "First of His Name," our staff is breaking down every episodefrom seasons 1–6 in preparation for the Season 7 premiere on July 16, explaining what makes each so mind-blowing or, in some cases, lackluster. The ranking is here, and yes, we are prepared to argue about it.

And, for far more definitive explanation of the first 60 episodes, listen to our Binge Mode podcast with Jason Concepcion and Mallory Rubin.

Disclosure: HBO is an initial investor in The Ringer.