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The Warriors Have Too Many Good Duos

Steph and Klay, Draymond and KD, all of them and JaVale

We’ve been highlighting the NBA’s best on-court pairs all season. But, as Chris Ryan, Jason Gallagher, and Bill Simmons explain in this edition of NBA Running Mates, it’s tough to pinpoint exactly which duo within Golden State’s roster is the Bay’s best, so we analyzed all of them.

Produced by: Jason Gallagher
Research by: Kevin O’Connor
Written by: Jason Gallagher, Kevin O’Connor, and Chris Ryan
Voiced by: Jason Gallagher, Chris Ryan, and Bill Simmons
Production assistance by: Matt Gothard, Christian Robinson, and Sean Yoo
Music by: Dyalla and ProleteR

(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)