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LeBron Almost Wiped Out the Dinosaurs With One Dunk

And he knew it was going to happen before Kyrie Irving did

(Getty Images)

LeBron James almost ended Cleveland’s best-of-seven conference semifinal series with Toronto in the first quarter Monday. If there were ever going to be an NBA mercy rule, it would be enforced after this dunk:

On first viewing, you will notice that LeBron covers half a basketball court in a handful of strides and takes off like there were a trampoline hidden under the free throw line. But the coolest thing about this play isn’t the dunk [takes off glasses, revealing eyes that see the real story] it’s what happens right before.

Look at LeBron give Kyrie the Randy Moss “go deep” signal. This play encapsulates everything that makes LeBron a gift to basketball fans. The sheer physicality is sweep-all-your-belongings-off-your-desk awesome, but it’s also about the vision. Witnessing LeBron’s clairvoyance, his ability to see one or two movements into the future, has been one of the most brilliant things in sports for almost 15 years and remains so. Watch: He knows what’s going to happen the second he steals the ball. Imagine having that kind of clarity of thought in such a chaotic moment. I can’t even parallel-park my car in light traffic.

What we have learned: I should be more like LeBron while parking, and I can’t wait to see what LeBron is already seeing for the rest of the playoffs.