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Is Ayesha Curry Counseling Olivia Munn Through Her Aaron Rodgers Breakup?

A social media investigation

(Getty Images/Ringer illustration)
(Getty Images/Ringer illustration)

Several fandoms must be reeling today after People magazine reported that Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers have broken up. This is big news for Packers fans, Bears fans, the Munnheads out there, particularly those of us who exclusively think of her as Sloan Sabbith now — it even has implications for Bachelor Nation. When Jordan Rodgers, brother of Aaron, competed and won on The Bachelorette last season, he revealed that Aaron is estranged from his family. Many tabloid reports suggested that Munn was a catalyst in the schism, but that was never confirmed. Aaron Rodgers essentially refused to discuss his family feud, just as neither he nor Munn publicly discussed their relationship over the three years they dated. (Shout-out to them.)

However, the actual breakup is only the second most interesting development about Olivia Munn to happen this week. Just days ago, she was attending Warriors games with the de facto first lady of California, Ayesha Curry, in what seemed to be a Power WAG summit. It made so much sense: Aaron Rodgers has Bay Area ties, Olivia and Ayesha are both impressively capable in cultivating celebrity. Still, this is a confusing photo:

At the time of posting, there were already numerous questions to ponder: Curry’s caption posits that it’s a selfie, but whose head is causing that silhouette? And is that rectangle phone shadow a result of Munn holding her arm out or is it caused by the person taking the photo? And what kind of lighting is there inside Oracle that results in such defined shadows, anyway? (If I had to guess, Ayesha probably has one of these lighted phone cases. Classic celebrity secret.) All of these questions are now secondary, though, because, wait; is Ayesha Curry so close with Olivia Munn that she’s convalescing her through this breakup? Is there a secret WAGs support network?

Here’s the evidence. In addition to attending the Warriors-Wolves game, this week Munn and Curry played with some giant-sized toys in Curry’s giant-seeming yard. I assume they also went in a pool or some other body of water, because even a very hot woman like Olivia Munn would likely not opt to wear a one-piece, nonbreathable swimsuit just for lawn games.

Curry posted several more short videos of their playdate to her Instagram story during the week, though those snaps are lost to Instagram’s servers now that 24 hours has elapsed. One such post indicated that Curry was playing a mild prank on Munn. That’s surely something you do only when you’re secure in your friendship.

If wire photos are any indication, these two have been close pals since early 2016. They were seated side by side at the 2016 Espys and at the 2016 Super Bowl, right after Steph and Co. blew a 3–1 lead and right before the Currys’ Panthers blew it in the Super Bowl. They’ve clearly seen each other through hard times before. But the only way we’ll fully know the level of commitment between Ayesha and Olivia is for Munn to make an appearance on Ayesha’s Home Cooking. What’s the point of having celebrity friends if they don’t help promote your projects? Until then, assume that Curry and Munn are in the Jane and Madeline zone: newish friends who will be there when it counts.