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NBA ICYMI: Kristaps Porzingis Has Arrived

Plus: The Sixers get revenge on Houston, Andrew Wiggins ends Josh Richardson, and Kyrie Irving smiles

Denver Nuggets v New York Knicks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

All the need-to-know info from Monday’s slate.

New York Has a New Mayor

The Knicks, coming off a big road win against the Cleveland Cavaliers, built up and subsequently squandered a 23-point lead against the Denver Nuggets. But that doesn’t matter. They won because Kristaps Porzingis can both shoot from the logo—

—and make alley-oops like this one:

He ended the 116-110 win over the Nuggets with a career-high 38 points. The crowd chanted “MVP” as he took free throws with the game in hand. Is it too late for him to run for mayor next week?

Meanwhile, at multiple points during Monday’s game, Clyde Frazier and Mike Breen referenced Gary Harris’s new $84 million contract extension. In the second quarter, as halftime approached and the Knicks led by 20, Clyde asked how much the Nuggets’ guard got. When Breen informed him of the gigantic sum, Clyde responded, “Oh boy,” and they laughed. It was comical given the Knicks’ large lead. In the middle of the third, as the Nuggets mounted a comeback thanks, in large part, to Harris, Frazier referenced the gargantuan deal again—this time in disbelief. That’s probably how Denver feels, too.

It’s Not Easy Being Blake

Through five games, the Clippers looked legitimate. The Ewing Theory had taken hold. Blake Griffin’s MVP campaign had begun. And then the Clippers played one former nemesis, the Golden State Warriors, and they coaxed Blake Griffin into playing himself.

The Clippers lost 141-113, and have now fallen to the Warriors 11 consecutive times dating back to Christmas 2014. It must be awfully demoralizing when the other team has four guys better than your best player—not to mention a young rookie who is using October games to prep for the dunk contest.

Shimmy Shimmy Na

Good moves. However, Tim Hardaway Jr. didn’t score until the fourth quarter, well after his team had given up that 23-point lead.

Kyrie Irving Wants You to Know He’s a Good Teammate

The Celtics held a comfortable lead over the Spurs for most of the game thanks to a solid night from Kyrie Irving. And then Terry Rozier led the Celtics as they found separation in the 108-94 win, and Kyrie loved it:

This is what it looks like when you win five in a row while your disavowed team flounders.

Chandler Comes Alive

Chandler Parsons turned in what can be considered a second consecutive promising game, which included the dunk above and a splashy 3. The Grizz lost 104-99, but Parsons’s knees aren’t gone yet.

Farewell, Josh Richardson

Andrew Wiggins does not care for ye. This presumably won’t help the vibe in the Heat locker room—nor will losing in overtime, 125-122. However, Dion Waiters showed up for 33 points, and Bam Adebayo legitimately made the night hard for Karl-Anthony Towns.

Ben Simmons Isn’t the Only Mesmerizing Passer in Philly

I can only assume that Joel Embiid is sick of the fawning over Ben Simmons’s court vision, so he decided to show off his own passing skills. T.J. McConnell says thank you. The Sixers walked away with a 115-107 win in Houston a week after the Rockets stole one in Philly. These two teams won’t play again this year, and it’s just another reason to abolish conferences.