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21 Takes That Deserve the “Woo! OK!” Hillary Shimmy Reaction

Get better takes

New York Times/Ringer GIF

1. “I have never told a lie online.”

2. “Kevin Durant is a villain.”

3. “A hot dog isn’t a sandwich.”

4. “A hot dog is a sandwich.”

5. “Joe Flacco is elite.”

6. “I use Facebook’s trending topics.”

7. “Barb is the best character on Stranger Things.

8. “Two of those interceptions weren’t Ryan Fitzpatrick’s fault.”

9. “Taylor Swift was right.”

10. “Dogs are better than cats.”

11. “Cats are better than dogs.”

12. “I liked The Good Wife finale.”

13. “Before praising a story on Twitter, I read the story.”

14. “Tom Brady doesn’t need to cheat.”

15. “There’s too much nudity on Game of Thrones.

16. “Ross and Rachel were on a break.”

17. “Pizza Hut is good.”

18. “I’m Team Brad.”

19. “We needed the movie Snowden.”

20. “LaCroix isn’t real seltzer.”

21. “If she wins I will absolutely support her.”