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Cris Carter and Amy Trask on How Athletes Can Effect Political Change


On the latest Any Given Wednesday, Bill Simmons brought in ESPN analyst and Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter and former Oakland Raiders CEO Amy Trask to talk about the NFL, with the conversation touching on Colin Kaepernick’s ongoing protest. Carter and Trask detailed why they liked the Seahawks’ show of unity on Sunday. For Carter, the Seahawks’ support of a movement started by an archrival matters, while Trask explained how athletes can effect political change.

Cris Carter and Amy Trask on Colin Kaepernick

Trask and Carter then defended — that’s right, defended — Roger Goodell to Bill Simmons.

Carter and Trask on Roger Goodell

Then, Joseph Gordon-Levitt talked about how he portrayed Edward Snowden, who in 2004 wanted to join the Army to fight in Iraq and by 2013 was blowing the whistle on the NSA, and how Snowden had no other option but to take his concerns to the press.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Playing Edward Snowden

Gordon-Levitt described how he deeply got “into” the Snowden character, but said he wasn’t as extreme with his acting as Daniel Day-Lewis, with whom Gordon-Levitt worked on Lincoln.

Gordon-Levitt on working with Daniel Day-Lewis

Finally, Simmons gave a tribute to Jeff Probst, the GOAT of reality TV hosts, ahead of the 2016 Emmys.

Jeff Probst Is Underrated