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How Bill Simmons Would Fix the Olympics


On the latest episode of Any Given Wednesday, Bill Simmons laid out his plan to fix the Olympics once and for all. His steps to overhaul the games include limiting the host cities to Los Angeles, London, and Tokyo; axing NBC’s suffocating tape delay; awarding gold medals of different sizes; and more basketball. Just more of it—3-on-3 games, slam dunk contests, you name it.

How We’d Fix It: The Olympic Games

Jonah Hill shared his experience in the film world, and talked about how comedy gave him the opening to pursue the roles that he really wanted. Of course, not everything in Hollywood is easy—Hill also recounted the story of how he got sick from doing too much fake cocaine for The Wolf of Wall Street.

Jonah Hill on breaking into dramatic roles

Jonah Hill on working with Martin Scorsese

Then, The New York Times’ Wesley Morris and The Ringer’s Jon Favreau joined the show to talk about the 2016 election and answer the question: What is more likely, a Donald Trump dropout or victory?

Jon Favreau and Wesley Morris on the 2016 election