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Ricky Williams Says He’d Be a Hall of Famer — If Weed Were Legal


Ricky Williams gained more than 10,000 yards in 11 years in the NFL, but could he make the Hall of Fame? It’s unlikely. But on the latest Any Given Wednesday, Williams explained how his career was affected by marijuana — and how, had it been legal, he could have had a Hall of Fame career.

Ricky Williams and Rembert Browne on Drugs in the NFL

Then, Williams and Seth Rogen took over the “Speed Round” to do a “Weed Round,” talking who they’ve smoked with, why they don’t smoke synthetic marijuana, and more.

Weed Round With Seth Rogen and Ricky Williams

Rogen also discussed the Sony hack, saying he was glad that his personal emails never saw the light of day. And, though he admits some good did come of the emails, he argues that the effects were mostly negative.

Seth Rogen on the Sony Hack

Finally, are you ready for Personal Seat Licenses? They’re taking over the NFL — and they’re basically a scam to get fans to pay exorbitant amounts for season tickets. How do they work? Bill Simmons breaks it down:

Personal Seat Licenses Are Bullshit