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Building a Superteam to Beat the Dubs, Take Two

Ringer readers weigh in with their picks

On Tuesday, we asked ourselves a question: Can you build a superteam to beat the Warriors? We assigned dollar values to players, and gave ourselves a $15 budget to pick a five-man rotation. We got a lot of great responses from readers who picked their own teams. Below are some of the best.

Love it.

This is pretty close to consensus. It would be very, very, very hard to score on this team.

I feel like this team could use some Dexter Pittman.

By far the biggest beneficiary of this entire exercise is Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. He has shown up on so many people’s teams. It’s gotta be the highlight of his year, other than being a test case for The Block.

I love the artisanal sensibility, but I don’t think Jason Concepcion’s adult Latvian son is ready for war(riors).

And spend it on the Cocoon remake.

I really appreciate Zach exploring the far reaches of “everyone else” here. Team Washed for life. Can you imagine the life lessons Karl-Anthony Towns would learn from these guys?

Only if it’s a contract year for Danny Green.

@BullsFiJ, are you Sam Presti?