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Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel Stay on Brand With Their Engagement Announcement

Custom filter and bitmoji included!

Screen shot via Instagram
Screen shot via Instagram

Model Miranda Kerr and Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel have been dating for about a year. Now they are making it official. Kerr announced their engagement via Instagram:

There’s so much to unpack and many questions to ponder.

  1. How incredibly on brand! Not only does this look like a downloaded Snap, it features a filter, and a promo for Bitmoji, which Snapchat recently acquired and officially added to its app this week. Was the engagement planned for just such a moment? Perhaps just the announcement? Who can say!
  2. The bitmoji version of Miranda Kerr bears no resemblance to the real Miranda Kerr.
  3. Update: Miranda Kerr does indeed have blue eyes, but this is still not a faithful rendering. This is, essentially, the entire point of bitmoji — to create an emoji-like character that looks like you. A track suit–sneaker combo is not really the outfit I imagine when I think about an international model. Why so casual, Bitmoji Miranda?
  4. However! Evan Spiegel’s bitmoji does look like him. The V-neck and skinny jeans are accurate. Hm. How interesting that Spiegel’s newly acquired app manages to recreate him so well.
  5. Do you think Miranda Kerr uses Snapchat as her default selfie cam? I do.
  6. Their hands look alike. Is it possible Kerr is holding her own hand?
  7. I truly hope Spiegel proposed to Kerr with the use of this “Marry Me!” geofilter. He must have lured her to just the right spot. When she didn’t immediately grab her phone to open Snapchat he was, first, offended, and then, nervous. But of course, she eventually did. The rest is history.
  8. Does Orlando Bloom use Snapchat? If not, he should download it to keep tabs on his son, to whom Evan Spiegel will soon be a stepfather.

Congrats, Evan and Miranda! Let me know if you two need someone to design your wedding’s geofilter. I know a guy.