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Apple’s WWDC 2016 Keynote, by the Numbers

Someone had to keep score

Ringer Illustration
Ringer Illustration

If you’ve watched more than one Apple Worldwide Developers Conference keynote, you’ve come to expect a few things. In between all of the software announcements, there are a few taglines and predetermined moments that are packaged into each event. There is a predictability to the day, but one that, over time, you come to know and love. Or if not love, at least begrudgingly appreciate. Here is the WWDC 2016 keynote by the numbers.

Mentions of "magic": 3

White men who presented: 4

Nonwhite men who presented: 5

Number of registered developers: 13 million

Rounds of audience applause:

Mentions of "innovative/innovation/innovate/innovated": 1

Uber plugs: 3 (In a surprising plot twist, there were also three Lyft plugs!)

Documents shared in iCloud: 10 billion

Documents accidentally/unknowingly shared in iCloud: 8 billion (This is a guess!)

Taylor Swift plugs: 1

Drake plugs: 1

Attendees: 5,000-plus

Undone dress shirt buttons: 8 (1 — Tim Cook; 1 — Kevin Lynch; 1 — Jay Blahnik; 3 — Eddy Cue; 2 — Craig Federighi ❤ ❤)

Technical issues: 3

Apps added in the last year: 2 million

Age of the youngest developer mentioned: 9 years old

Amount paid to developers to date: $50 billion

Adorable photos of dogs/cats/owls/animals featured: 1 (Minnie Mouse?)

Length of keynote: 2 hours and 1 minute

Instances of "You’re going to love it": 1

tvOS native apps: 6,000

Best dad joke: Siri: "No complaint about the lack of windows."

Movies/TV shows that Siri can now search: 650,000

iOS 10 features announced: 10

Industry terms invented: 1 ("Advanced Silicon")

Mentions of "epic": 2 (Obviously both from Craig.)