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What’s the Best ‘Star Wars’ Moment?

Plus: Is Luke an overrated hero?

Welcome to Rogue One Week! With the release of Rogue One, set in the years before A New Hope, we finally get our first stand-alone Star Wars movie. This week we’ll be analyzing Rogue One and the greater Star Wars universe from every conceivable angle — the storytelling, the merchandising, the mythology, and the fandom. May the Force be with you (while you read).

Rogue One is almost here, and our staff has spent most of this week reminiscing about the Star Wars franchise. But we can’t agree on the best moment of the saga. Is it the lava fight in Episode III? When Han drops the “I know” line? Or when Rey finally wields a lightsaber? The crew hashes it out in the latest Ringer Debatable. Then, we ask: Is Luke a good hero?

(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)