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On Repeat: The Music We’re Listening to Right Now

Here are our favorite, not necessarily new songs of the past month

(Getty Images/Ringer illustration)
(Getty Images/Ringer illustration)

What does the Ringer staff have “On Repeat”? These are the songs, new and otherwise, that have looped on our phones, stuck in our heads, and wormed in our ears this past month. Check out the full Spotify playlist here.

Michael Baumann: “Chancellor,” Gordon Downie

Listening to it makes me feel like Richard Ford is writing my life.

Jack McCluskey: “Power,” Bastille

I’ve been listening to Wild World a lot lately, and while “The Currents” — inspired by Brexit and polarizing populist pols like Trump — feels more, well, current, the song I keep coming back to on Bastille’s second album is the loss-filled “Power” and its periods of (relatively) quiet exposition alternating with a rising, rhythmic chorus and driving guitars.

Alex Lee: “Frankie Sinatra,” The Avalanches

This is my jam right now … and for the last few months.

Danny Chau: “Lifting Shadows,” Oddisee

We’re thinking about art in the age of Trump; we’re thinking about appropriate responses; we’re thinking about how we ensure diverse voices are being heard. We can start by looking backward, to songs like Oddisee’s “Lifting Shadows,” released in March — a direct repudiation of Trump’s politics, and a voice for the fear and anxiety coming in from all directions.

Lindsay Zoladz: “Weary,” Solange

November was the month that my Pre-Election Malaise Theme Song transformed into my Post-Election Malaise Theme song, but as ever, my mantra remained its glorious chorus: “You know that a king is only a man / With flesh and bones he bleeds just like you do.” I would like to believe that this is true, but I’m pretty sure I don’t bleed Cheeto dust.

Megan Schuster: “She’s Casual,” The Hunna

Carl Brooks Jr.: “Loco,” Vince Staples feat. Kilo Kish

All month I’ve been trying to figure out if this song describes my state of mind and frankly, it does: “Out the window / Tints low, baby, come and see ’em where the rent low / Been gone I don’t need a shrink, I need a hit song”

Allison P. Davis: “Enough!!,” A Tribe Called Quest

This whole album is perfect, but I found myself listening to this track 11 times in one day. (I have no good reason, I just think Tip’s verse is so good.)

Justin Charity: “Woke Up,” Dae Dae and London On Da Track

London’s been my favorite rap producer for a few years now, and Dae Dae is in the formative phase of a come-up, so I figure “Woke Up” and also “Bullshit,” both from The Defanition joint mixtape, make for a groovy introduction to yet another young trapper from Atlanta.

Nicole Bae: “Lockdown,” 11:11

“Lockdown” is one of the four deliciously rich and smooth songs on the mysterious 11:11’s latest EP and it’s by far my favorite. A little more complex and interesting than his debut stuff, 11:11, it’s keeping me satisfied as I patiently wait for more.

Tate Frazier: “Crazy Brazy,” A$AP Mob feat. A$AP Rocky, A$AP Twelvyy, and Key!

Too cozy season is in full effect and Rocky sums up the current state of affairs: “Anti-everything since Yams died.” Plus, it’s time we give Twelvyy his due.

Collin Orcutt: “On Hold,” The xx