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‘The Masked Man Show’ on WWE’s ‘Survivor Series’

Relive our crew’s live reactions and analyses during the event

WWE’s Survivor Series was Sunday night, and it wasn’t short on surprises. The Ringer’s David Shoemaker welcomed Steve Kazee, Dan St. Germain, and Dave Schilling for a live taping of The Masked Man Show. The crew recapped the shocking conclusion to the Goldberg-Lesnar match, analyzed the rest of the night, and looked at what the results mean going forward.

The panelists had a lot of thoughts on the crazy Goldberg-Lesnar showdown, summed up by the simple question: "WTF just happened?"

They continued with a discussion of the emotions the match inspired and how it brought back why they fell in love with wrestling in the first place.

The team also taped a pre-show that you can watch below. You can catch up with all things professional wrestling through our WWE coverage.

Getty Images/Ringer illustration
Getty Images/Ringer illustration