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It’s Time for Deandre Ayton to Lift the Suns Out of the Abyss

Phoenix’s nightmarish start to the season has led to some drafter’s remorse, but it’s too late for that now. The team has a blueprint to follow with its talented no. 1 pick. He just needs to hold up his end of the bargain.

Kevin Durant Breaks Down His Trash-Talking Experience With Kobe, Dirk, and KG

The Warriors star returns to ‘The Bill Simmons Podcast’ to discuss trash talk, the rise of Giannis and Zion Williamson, his plans for the summer, and much more

By Extending Spencer Dinwiddie, the Nets Show They’re Ready to Commit to Right Now

Ahead of a big free-agency summer, Brooklyn inked their backup point guard to a three-year extension, indicating the franchise is ready to cut some checks to compete

The Raptors Are Really for Real This Time

Toronto looks like the best team in the NBA. Will this postseason be different for the league’s tortured Northern hub?

‘Group Chat’: Did the Raptors’ Big Win Against the Warriors Make Them the Best Team in the League Right Now?

Plus, the group dissects the Pelicans after an explosive Anthony Davis game against the Thunder

Anthony Davis Dominated OKC Because He Had To

Davis put up 44 points and 18 rebounds to hold off the surging Thunder. The win showed what AD is capable of—and why the Pelicans need to make a trade to keep him in New Orleans.

The Five Plays That Explain the Luka Doncic Phenomenon

The Mavericks rookie has torn up the NBA, but you can’t fully appreciate him by simply looking at box scores. Doncic shines when you put him under the microscope of the eye test.

The Five Most Interesting Teams in the NBA in Week 9

The Nuggets bench gets its moment, the Celtics get back into rhythm, and the Jazz get more confusing. That, plus more intrigue from around the league.

Kevin Durant on Zion and Giannis, 2018 Surprises, Legacies, and Summer Plans

Bill also talks media dealings with the NBA Finals MVP

LeBron James Is Still the NBA’s Biggest Agent of Change

Eight years ago, the King’s landmark ‘Decision’ established a new paradigm for both competition and player movement. Now, a new crop of stars are trying to push for a new ideal—but LeBron’s westward expansion proves he’s still the standard bearer.

There Is No Cavalry Coming for the Spurs

Life after Kawhi Leonard has been tough for San Antonio. They have been hit by the injury bug, fielded an uncharacteristically bad defense, and had to rely on role players to eat big minutes. Is mediocrity the new normal? Or can Coach Pop pull another rabbit out of the hat?

Five Theories to Explain LeBron James’s “Here or the Garden” Comment

Did LeBron really consider signing with the Knicks? Let’s dissect everything his statement to Dwyane Wade could have meant.

‘The Mismatch’: LeBron Thought About the Knicks, but It Was All a (Pipe) Dream

Plus: the Sacramento Kings and Dallas Mavericks continue to overperform behind their young stars

All It Took to Make LeBron King of New York Was a Sound Bite

This time, the Lakers star didn’t even need to be a free agent to hurt Knicks fans

Steph Curry’s Uphill Battle for MVP

The Warriors star has been an unstoppable force on the court this season. But to win his third MVP award, he’ll have to overcome not only his competitors, but also his own missed time.

The Secret Detail of Jimmy Butler’s Infamous Timberwolves Practice

The newest 76er explains to JJ Redick when he asked for a trade, why he sat out the preseason, and how his scrimmage with the Timberwolves’ third string actually played out

Jimmy Butler on the Juiciest Detail From His Infamous Practice

JJ Redick and his new teammate also discuss perception vs. reality in Minnesota and Butler’s reputation

‘NBA Desktop’: “Melo” (Official Music Video)

Carmelo Anthony is no longer with the Houston Rockets and is looking for a team

For the Thunder, the Best Offense Is an Impenetrable Defense

With Paul George playing the best basketball of his career and a starting defensive unit with few weaknesses, the Thunder are proving they can win with or without Russell Westbrook. But can it last?

Why Depth Matters More Than Ever in the NBA

The arms race for star players may be more heated than ever, but teams like the Los Angeles Clippers are showing the value in quantity

‘Heat Check’: The Bulls’ Drama Is Boiling Over Under Boylen

Plus, growing pains in Philadelphia

Seven Signs That the Bulls Have Fallen Into Complete Disarray

Chicago players nearly threw a coup three games into the Jim Boylen era. Otherwise, things are going great.

Seven Wins or Less: The Phoenix Suns Are a Mess

The franchise clearly can’t win now, but they don’t seem to know how to build for the future, either

The Rockets Don’t Have a Switch to Flip. They’ll Have to Acquire One.

A year ago, James Harden and Co. were sweeping teams off the floor. This season, they’ve been stuck in survival mode without a way out. There aren’t any easy solutions.

How Does Kemba Walker Keep Getting Better?

It’s not often you see an NBA player have their career year in their eighth season in the league, but that’s exactly what Kemba is doing

Stephen Curry and Andre Iguodala on AI Stories, Vince and Dell, and Baze’s Golf Simulator

Plus, they discuss the comparisons being made between Trae Young and Steph

Andre Iguodala on Allen Iverson’s Heyday, and Steph Curry on Growing Up With Vince Carter

The Golden State Warriors stars sit down with Vince Carter, former teammate Kent Bazemore, and Anne Finberg on the ‘Winging It’ podcast

Oh Buck Yeah: Milwaukee Has a Winning Formula

The Bucks offense is starting to look a lot like last season’s Rockets. On Sunday, Mike Budenholzer’s blueprint led them to a big win over the East-leading Toronto Raptors.

“Halleluka” Live From Dallas at American Airlines Center

Isaac Lee and Jason Gallagher reunite for a one-night show

The Bucks Are All in on the Present

By dealing for George Hill (and his less burdensome contract), Milwaukee is maximizing its title window—both this season and in the two seasons to come before Giannis Antetokounmpo hits free agency

‘The Corner 3’: Lessons From the 2016 NBA Draft

Can some of the Houston Rockets’ biggest problems be remedied with a Kevin Love trade?

Where Did Frank Ntilikina Go?

The Knicks’ 2017 lottery pick has disappeared from the lineup. Can he make his way back into New York’s future plans? Or is he better off elsewhere?