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The Sixers Will Go As Far As Joel Embiid Can Carry Them

When their star center is healthy and playing quality minutes, the Sixers are among the league’s best. The problem is that health can be rare. The future of the franchise might hinge on Embiid’s creaky knee.

Is Brooklyn in the House? Nets Fandom Is Having Its New York Moment.

Brooklyn is one of the feel-good stories of this season, and has earned a reputation as a legitimate Eastern Conference up-and-comer. As the Nets’ series against the 76ers unfolds, is this team also cementing itself as an integral part of the basketball landscape in its own city?

The Houston Rockets Are Playing Like They Can Beat Anyone

And after a second straight blowout win over the Utah Jazz, they appear to be ready to take on their toughest test in the next round

The Celtics Found a Winning Formula, but Will It Work on Anyone Except the Pacers?

Kyrie Irving heroics and Al Horford’s do-everything-else routine were enough for Boston to storm back and beat Indiana again. But the outlook for its playoff future is still in the eye of the beholder.

Dethroning the Warriors

Justin Verrier and Danny Chau discuss the biggest threats to Golden State

‘Dethroning the Warriors’: Have We Overlooked Kyrie Irving and the Boston Celtics?

Justin Verrier and Danny Chau turn their attention to the Boston Celtics and examine how they would match up in the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors

‘The Corner 3’: The Nuggets’ Comeback Might’ve Saved Their Season

We break down how Jamal Murray shot his way out of his cold streak, helping the Nuggets tie their series with the Spurs at 1-1

‘Dethroning the Warriors’: Can Giannis Antetokounmpo Carry the Bucks to the Finals?

In Part 3 of ‘Dethroning the Warriors,’ Justin Verrier and Danny Chau break down how the Milwaukee Bucks produced the NBA’s best record this year

The Trail Blazers Are Finally Having the Postseason They’ve Waited For

Sure, Portland still has a long way to go. But with a 2-0 lead over the Thunder, Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum are making postseason strides for the first time in years.

Kyrie and the Search for the Celtics’ Highest Level

A regular season full of "B.S." (Irving’s word) is finally behind Boston. Can Kyrie and the Celtics make quick work of the Indiana Pacers and get back to the top of the East?

Giannis Is Ready for Liftoff

The best part about watching the Bucks’ MVP candidate is seeing him start to realize just how good he is

The Jazz Can’t Stick to Their Outdated Script Against the Rockets

In building a versatile team to defeat the Golden State Warriors, Houston has created a template for how to survive in the postseason. In Utah, the Rockets have an ideal first-round opponent: a team with a clear Achilles’ heel and without the means to adapt.

Jamal Murray Is Back, and the Nuggets Might Be Too

Staring at a potential 0-2 series hole, Denver turned to its struggling guard again. The result this time? An unstoppable fourth quarter from Murray that may have saved the Nuggets’ season.

Bad Warriors Omens and Trevor Noah’s First BS Interview

Kevin O’Connor and Bill talk about the Warriors’ historic Game 2 collapse before Trevor Noah joins to discuss taking over ‘The Daily Show’ in 2015, his new podcast, and more

Sal’s Baddest Beats, NBA and NHL Playoffs, and MLB Betting With Paul Lo Duca

Plus, Cousin Sal and the Degenerate Trifecta discuss NBA betting strategies and Tiger’s historic Masters victory

‘The Mismatch’: The Warriors Blew a 31-Point Lead

The resilient Los Angeles Clippers made a historic comeback against the reigning champion Golden State Warriors in Game 2

The Clippers Completed the Biggest Comeback in Postseason History By Being Themselves

Los Angeles overcame a 31-point Golden State lead to steal Game 2 at Oracle Arena. They might not take the series, but now this Clippers era has a signature win.

The Best of Ben Simmons, the Worst of Ben Simmons

Over Philly’s first two playoff games, we’ve seen the basement and the ceiling of one of the most intoxicating and frustrating players in the NBA. How Simmons performs during the rest of the postseason, and how the Sixers use him, will tell us a lot about the franchise’s future.

Playoff Fear and Loathing Has Returned for Raptors Fans

The Toronto Raptors won 58 games and have a bona fide star in Kawhi Leonard. But a Game 1 loss to the Magic was all it took to dredge up doubt and dread yet again.

The Guard Matchup That Will Define the Nuggets-Spurs Series

Many fans have pegged Jamal Murray for stardom since the Nuggets drafted him. Many fans have no idea who Derrick White even plays for. But pedigrees are irrelevant in the playoffs. White had the upper hand after Game 1. How will Murray respond?

The Sixers Are Starting to Look Like a Goliath Again

The Nets have the shooters to play David (or maybe it’s D’Angelo?), but Philly showed in Game 2 why sometimes it helps to be bigger and better

The Possible Implications of DeMarcus Cousins’s Injury

The Warriors center reportedly tore his left quad during Monday night’s game against the Clippers. What could that mean for Boogie’s availability—this season and beyond—and Golden State’s title hopes?

Seven Takeaways From the NBA Playoffs’ Opening-Weekend Bonanza

The obstacles facing the Sixers and Raptors after ugly Game 1 losses, what the Warriors can do with Playoff Boogie, and much, much more

Damian Lillard on the Playoffs, Music, and His Rookie Moments

The ‘Winging It’ crew is joined by Damian Lillard to talk about the Trail Blazers as a 3-seed in the West

‘Heat Check’: Upset SZN: Game 1 Shockers and Not-So-Shockers

The 2019 NBA playoffs are finally here! The first round kicked off with some surprising upsets.

Tiger Gets GOATy, 76ers Panic Watch, NBA Overreactions, and ‘Game of Thrones’ for Dummies With Ryen Russillo

Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss Tiger Woods returning to glory by winning the 2019 Masters

Winners and Losers: NBA Playoffs Day 2

So much for all the upsets. Boston avoided a scare from Indiana, while MVP candidates Harden, Giannis, and Dame helped the Rockets, Bucks, and Trail Blazers take care of business.

Winners and Losers: NBA Playoffs Opening Day

Well, that was unexpected. Three of the first four games of the 2019 postseason saw the underdog take a series lead. The Nets, Magic, and Spurs all stole Game 1 from their higher-seeded counterparts. The Warriors, on the other hand, remain inevitable.

The Sixers Got Their Bell Rung by the Nets in Game 1. What’s Next?

Joel Embiid played through pain. Jimmy Butler put up big numbers. But none of it was nearly enough to overcome a Brooklyn team that looked ready to exploit Philly’s glaring weaknesses.

‘Dethroning the Warriors’: Are the Toronto Raptors Finally Ready to Win a Championship?

In Part 2, Justin Verrier and Danny Chau look at how the Raps match up against the Dubs

This Is Not the Lakers Future That We Were Promised

Less than a year ago, it seemed as though the minds behind the Purple and Gold had found an unconventional formula for success. Now, with front office and coaching upheaval, and an uninspired list of replacements, the Lakers are back to thinking inside the box.

‘The Corner 3’: The Playoff Matchup Draft

What do you like in a matchup? Style? Talent? Rivalry?

NCAA Title Thoughts, NBA Over-Unders, and Masters Best Bets With Joe House

All that, plus a check-in on the NHL playoffs

‘NBA Desktop’: Magic Johnson’s Departure and NBA Playoffs Preview

Jason makes his triumphant return to discuss Magic Johnson leaving the Lakers, Dirk and Wade’s retirement sendoffs, and Anthony Davis’s fashion choices

The Five Most Interesting Players of the 2019 NBA Playoffs

The postseason is here. Here are the figures who could make or break their team’s title hopes.

Bonus Episode: Max Holloway

The ‘Winging It’ crew is joined by Max Holloway ahead of his fight with Dustin Poirier at UFC 236