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Northern Exposure: Toronto Is Now the Center of the Basketball Universe

With their first NBA championship after 24 years, the Raptors are no longer the "other" team—to the Maple Leafs, to American franchises, or to the United States in general

The Pelicans Are Giving Zion Williamson the Future Anthony Davis Never Had

New Orleans rushed to win ASAP with AD. By trading Davis to the Lakers, it opened up a world of possibilities for its new transcendent young big man.

Jontay Porter Is Trying to Carve Out His Own Space in the NBA

The former Missouri basketball player has long been overshadowed by his brother, Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr. But now, Jontay is looking to surpass his brother’s benchmarks while overcoming his own major injury—a journey that starts with this week’s NBA draft.

The Post-AD Trade NBA Mock Draft

How does the blockbuster deal that sends Anthony Davis to the Lakers impact the draft landscape? Check out who the Pelicans could now take at no. 4 and much more.

The Wizards Aren’t Expected to Waste Time Pursuing Masai Ujiri

Reports indicate that Washington will make a prolific offer to the executive that just won an NBA championship. If Ujiri leaves, will that have a ripple effect on Kawhi Leonard?

The Lakers Are the NBA’s Present. The Pelicans Are the League’s Future.

The Anthony Davis trade makes LeBron and Los Angeles instant title contenders, but it might not be long before we’re saying the same thing about Zion Williamson and New Orleans

Winners and Losers of the Anthony Davis–Lakers Blockbuster Trade

Hope you enjoyed your offseason. Los Angeles just kick-started the NBA arms race by sending a huge haul of youngsters and picks to New Orleans for the All-NBA big man.

‘Heat Check’: The NBA Season Is Over, Yet the NBA Season Continues

Dissecting the league’s post–Anthony Davis trade landscape

Which Star Should the Lakers Sign to Round Out Their Big Three?

The Purple and Gold have locked in two of the best players in the NBA after the weekend’s Anthony Davis trade. They could add a third. Between long-rumored options in Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker, and Kawhi Leonard, they have tantalizing possibilities.

So, What Do the Knicks Do Now?

New York thought it was poised to have a franchise-altering offseason, but their third-place draw in the lottery, Kevin Durant’s injury, and Anthony Davis’s move to Los Angeles have left the team with a freshly generated puzzle to solve

The AD Trade, Zion’s Rosy Future, and Saving the Knicks and Warriors With Ryen Russillo

Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss the massive trade between the Pelicans and the Lakers, who won the trade, and what the Lakers need now

Anthony Davis to the Lakers Emergency Podcast

What does the megatrade with the Pelicans mean for the rest of NBA free agency?

The Raptors Made It to the Top, for All the World to See

The significance of Canada’s first NBA championship spans far beyond Toronto’s city limits

Three-Pat: How Patrick McCaw Made History In the 2019 NBA Finals

The guard took an … unusual route to his third title of his three-year professional career

How Kawhi Helped Create a New Championship Blueprint

The Finals MVP used to only go to LeBron and the player who guarded him. Now the best player on a title team is the one who plays LeBron’s role.

The 15 Facts That Explain Kawhi Leonard’s All-Time Great Playoff Run

How does the Raptors star’s legendary 2019 postseason stack up in the annals of NBA history?

‘NBA Desktop’: How the Golden State Warriors Lost the 2019 NBA Finals, Plus ‘CHERNORACLE’

Jason celebrates the Toronto Raptors’ first NBA championship by releasing a new song from Nick "Guitar Man" Nurse

The Greatest Team of Its Generation Was Briefly the Scrappy Underdog

Injured and fighting to keep their dynasty alive, the Warriors looked more like the We Believe squad than the juggernaut that’s dominated for a half-decade

Toronto’s Kooky Title, Klay Goes Down, and KD’s Future

Plus, an interview with actor Adam Scott

The Raptors May Be the Unlikeliest Champions in NBA History

In an era dominated by superteams, a team built around a single star on an expiring contract overthrew the league’s most dominant force (albeit a hobbled version) in a truly chaotic NBA Finals

‘Heat Check’: The Toronto Raptors Are the 2019 NBA Champions

The Game 6 thriller gave Canada its first NBA title

Klay Thompson and the Game 6 Moment That Rocked Oracle Arena One Last Time

The All-Star guard embodies everything weird and brilliant and resilient about this all-time great team. In the decisive Game 6 of the NBA Finals, Thompson gave everything he had, until he had nothing else to give.

Winners and Losers: Kyle Lowry and the Raptors Are Champs, Finally

Plus: Kawhi and Masai are now Toronto legends and a horrific-looking injury overshadows Klay Thompson’s heroic Game 6 performance

Toronto Won Its First Championship. What’s Next?

And if not, are the Raptors headed for a long-awaited rebuild? Here are the major challenges facing Masai Ujiri this offseason.

Three Big Offseason Questions Facing the Golden State Warriors

This NBA Finals may have created more questions than answers about Kevin Durant’s upcoming free agency. Plus: Klay Thompson and Draymond Green are now playing the waiting game.

How the Raptors’ Title Win Changes the Offseason Landscape

The free agency chase has become as important as the games themselves. Here’s how the events of the NBA Finals may affect the forthcoming decisions for Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson.

Should the Celtics Go All in or Play the Long Game?

Boston’s 2018-19 didn’t pan out as the team hoped, and now the franchise is at a crossroads. If the Celtics could pair Anthony Davis and Kyrie Irving for one year, should they? Or is it more practical to foster a youth movement?

What to Expect From Zion Williamson’s First NBA Season

Last season, Zion was college basketball’s biggest star, and now he’s the projected no. 1 pick in the NBA draft. But how he’ll be used at the NBA level will likely be very different than how Coach K used him at Duke.

The Three Questions That Could Define Game 6

How will the loss of Kevin Durant shake up the tactical warfare in the NBA Finals? These are the biggest unknowns we’re pondering for both the Raptors and the Warriors.

The Iowa Reporter Working the Nick Nurse Beat at the NBA Finals

The whole world is covering Warriors-Raptors. The New York Times. ESPN. And … the Carroll Times Herald? Here’s why these Finals are so important to a small burg in Iowa.

‘Group Chat’: Kevin Durant’s Injury Changes the Offseason Calculus of Nearly Every NBA Team

We briefly preview what the Warriors have to do to make up for the loss of Kevin Durant for the remainder of the Finals (more Boogie?)

The NBA Free Agency Ripple Effects of Kevin Durant’s Achilles Injury

Chris Ryan and Justin Verrier react to Kevin Durant’s Achilles injury during Game 5 of the NBA Finals and discuss how it will impact the upcoming 2019 free-agency class

Klay Thompson Is Better Than Ever, but the Warriors Need Even More

The Golden State mainstay has been a Game 6 God before. With Kevin Durant out, Thompson will need to tap into the secret skills he’s been pocketing since KD arrived to stay alive in the NBA Finals.

What Would the NBA Look Like If Stephen A. Smith Were Always Right?

The ‘First Take’ talking head has never been afraid of being wrong. But what if Smith actually knew which way the NBA was going? Here’s what the past nine years of basketball would look like through the lens of Stephen A.

‘The Mismatch’: The Ripple Effects of the KD Injury, in These Finals and Beyond

Plus, Chris and Kevin discuss the upcoming NBA draft and the Grizzlies’ new head coach

Courtside With Mike Brey, the Newest Chapter in the Trial of the Century, and NBA Draft Talk

Titus and Tate can’t help themselves, so they briefly discuss Game 5 of the NBA Finals, including Mike Brey’s courtside seat, unjust Kyle Lowry hate, Kevin Durant’s injury, and more