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What Was the Worst NBA Slam Dunk Contest Attempt of All Time?

The dunk contest us has brought us memorable acts of creativity and athleticism. It has also brought equally memorable failures. Let’s determine which attempt is the worst in the competition’s history.

Dell Demps Is Gone, but the Pelicans’ Tumult Is Far From Over

Owner Gayle Benson made a bold statement by ousting New Orleans’ longtime GM. But many questions await before the franchise can finally turn the page on the Anthony Davis era.

The Five Most Interesting MVP Candidates in the NBA

The All-Star break is officially here, which means the MVP race is on. We make the cases for and against the top nominees heading into the season’s final stretch.

The Unbelievability of Zion Williamson

Here’s why the Duke superstar’s feats are becoming comparable to athletes like Bo Jackson and Steph Curry

“It Was All About Money”: An Oral History of the 1998-99 NBA Lockout

Part 1 of the inside story of one of the most bitter and bizarre labor disputes in sports history

Everything You Need to Know About the 2019 NBA All-Star Weekend

Team LeBron takes on Team Giannis in the All-Star Game

‘The Corner 3’: Early Returns on the Eastern Conference Arms Race

Plus, Pelicans talk with Arcade Fire’s Win Butler

Five Things to Look Forward to During NBA All-Star Weekend

From a sibling rivalry in the 3-point contest to literally everything LeBron James does, the festivities in Charlotte won’t be lacking in intrigue

The Best In-House Upgrades That Can Swing the NBA’s Stretch Run

What trade deadline? Players like Isaiah Thomas, Gordon Hayward, and Andre Roberson can all give their teams late pushes just by getting back to their former levels.

The 2019 NBA Trade Value Rankings 2.0

Welcome back to Bill Simmons’s definitive ranking of NBA assets.

‘Group Chat’: A Ringer NBA Investigation

Who’s to Blame for the Lakers’ tailspin?

LeBron and Luka Have What They Need to Succeed After the All-Star Break

The Lakers didn’t strike gold with Anthony Davis, but their deadline moves gave them a proven structure around James. The Mavs, on the other hand, handed the reins to their Wonder Boy. Will their plans work?

Pascal Siakam Isn’t the MVP Right Now, but He Might Be in a Few Years

The forward has been the Toronto Raptors’ ace in the hole and could be the face of the franchise’s future

Dunking It With ‘Winging It’: A Dunk Breakdown With Vince Carter and Kent Bazemore

Vince Carter and Kent Bazemore of the Atlanta Hawks and The Ringer’s ‘Winging It’ podcast break down some of the biggest poster dunks and most brutal missed dunks in NBA history

Ja Morant’s Murray State Mixtape Tour Is a College Basketball Miracle

The projected top-five draft pick will soon have to prove his mettle against NBA-caliber competition. For the next few weeks, let’s enjoy watching him dunk all over Ohio Valley Conference randos.

‘Game of Thrones’ Odds, the NBA’s Turbulent East, and the Tanking Knicks

Bill brings on Kevin O’Connor to talk NBA and Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion to talk ‘Thrones’ and Joe Flacco’s exit from the Baltimore Ravens

Harry’s New Hobby, March Madness Futures, and All-Star Weekend Props

Cousin Sal is joined by the Degenerate Trifecta to discuss the dead period in the sports-betting world, NCAA title odds a month out, and the most athletic maneuver in sports history

The Sixers Still Have an Al Horford Problem

Even after revamping its roster midseason, Philadelphia doesn’t seem to have a solution for Boston’s Average Al

‘The Mismatch’: MVPaul George? Plus: the Rising East.

Plus, the Los Angeles Lakers’ playoff berth is anything but certain

Presenting the Latest NBA No-Power Rankings

Join Jim Boylen, Ernie Grunfeld, and all of the Phoenix Suns in the race to the bottom

‘Rookie Midterms’: Just How Good Is Luka Doncic?

In the first of a new series from the creator of ‘The Leap,’ we take a look at how Dallas Mavericks dynamo Luka Doncic is doing so far in his maiden NBA season

The 2018-19 Disrespectful Dunk Index, Part 2

With the All-Star break nearly upon us, it’s time to evaluate a new crop of basketball murders—plus a tribute to the legend D-Wade

Which Playoff Contender Needs to Win the Markieff Morris Sweepstakes the Most?

The Lakers, Rockets, and Raptors are all in the running for the tough power forward, who is at the top of the post–trade deadline free-agent market

Meet Paul George, Destroyer of Worlds

The forward is playing the best basketball of his life and helping the Thunder discover a new identity

Marc Gasol Is Already Altering the Raptors’ DNA

Only two games in, the biggest star traded at the deadline has wasted no time in putting his stamp on Toronto. Gasol is the best passing big man the franchise has ever seen, and with that comes both joys and challenges.

Steph Curry on the Evolution of Steph Curry

His stroke changed the game of basketball, but the Warriors star’s ability to turn weakness into strength has vaulted him up the list of the greatest players of all time. Curry discusses how he rounded out his historic game ahead of his return to Charlotte for the 2019 All-Star Game.

How Former New York Times Editor Jill Abramson Got Canceled

Plus, Kevin Durant and the future of NBA media relations

The Bucks Have a Perfect Second Option in Khris Middleton

The seven-year vet is making his first All-Star appearance on the back of Milwaukee’s league-leading record. If the Bucks maintain this level of excellence into the playoffs, Middleton might finally prove his status as an elite NBA player.

For Now, Nobody Won the Anthony Davis Trade Fiasco

The Pelicans are being forced to play their unhappy, injury-prone superstar, the Lakers are stuck with a team full of deflated youngsters, and the NBA itself is left to deal with a thorny competitive situation

‘Heat Check’: The New-New Sixers Look Good-Good

Plus, the anticlimactic nonresolution of the Anthony Davis saga leaves the Western Conference at the mercy of the Golden State Warriors

Chris Bosh on the Anthony Davis Saga and the Player Empowerment Era

Plus, what’s it was like to play against NBA legends including Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, and Brook Lopez

These Celtics Do Not Spark Joy

All the statistics say that Boston is still one of the elite teams in the league, but the team seemingly remains in a state of crisis. Is there a way to reconcile those two sides of the season?

Rational Conversations With Chris Ryan and Justin Verrier

Two Ringer NBA editors periodically check in to discuss the state of the league and its most relevant teams

A Rational Conversation About the Aftershocks of the NBA Trade Deadline

Are we having fun yet? The new-look Sixers certainly are, but the Celtics, definitively, are not. Did last week’s flurry of deals usher in a new world order?

Celebrating the Stars at All-Star Weekend

The ‘Winging It’ crew revisits all their previous guests who will participate in the All-Star Game

‘High Flying Bird’ and a New Cinematic Vision of Power in Sports

Steven Soderbergh’s Netflix film, which inverts the standard trope that all athletes are replaceable, is so current it almost seems like it’s from the future. In modernizing the message about labor, it forces us to think about player power—and whether athletes need owners, or even a league.